Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dwarves and Orcs in 3D

I admit having been lazy for more than half a year by not posting here. Not the least this has to do with me having discovered 3D modelling. I started making simple things in Blender and than found Bryce and the DAZ3D Studio. The latter is specially used for posing characters and the first for creating landscapes. With Blender You can do literally everything having to do with 3D grafics, even produce a whole animated movie or 3D computer games.

I use Blender for building things like clothes, armour and weapons and all the other things you need for equipping 3D scenes. Blender is open source software and free to use. There are also free versions of Bryce and Studio which you can download from DAZ3D.

The scenes I create with 3D software are practically all dealing with fantasy subjects, showing dwarves, ogres, orcs, trolls and landscapes from my own fantasy world Endom. Some of my work is to find on my Fantasy-Blog. If you dont understand German, just scroll through the posts and enjoy the pics. Most of them are clickable to bring you to a version in higher resolution.

Be sure not to miss "The Lecherous Orc", a funny scene wihich I´m quite proud on. ;-). Here too, a click on the pic brings you to the higher resoluted version.   

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