Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Nipppy and Rainy May

It's already may now and normally you can go swimming at this time of the year. But this year it's still nippy and rainy. 

But I am not to worried about that because we have a country saying about a nippy and rainy may will cause rich crops. And as April was quite chilly too this year I expect a long, hot summer, at least if this silly vulcano on Iceland won't generally chill the weather with its ashes.

A chilly spring here in Western Europe often leads to a hot summer and if it's too warm too early like it was in 2007 you often will get not much of a summer. This has to do with the continent warming up too early will cause a pull that brings moist air from the Atlantic Ocean all summer long. If it`s chilly in spring the Atlantic Ocean will be warmer than the continent in summer and this results in dry wind from the east and hot weather.

The pictures here are impressions from a walk we had last sunday in the Welland, an area north of Aalen between the Swabian Alb and the Swabian Forest

Although I know the weather is ok for this season I'm a bit annoyed too: I got me a notebook computer recently that makes me able to settle with my office in the garden. I tried this last year lending out my daughter's notebook and found it very nice. No that I have one of my own I could do so whenever I want if only the weather would be better.

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